Entry Into The Becoming Center

How to enter The Becoming Center Program

Entry Into The Becoming Center

The Becoming Center is a Bible training center. This program is neither a halfway house or an escape from jail. The Becoming Center is a one-year residential program designed for men 18 years and older who have had some kind of life-controlling problem. 


The very first step into the program is to have the prospective student to call (205) 235-7062 or use the "contact" information below to reach out to the ministry for a telephone interview with our director.  It is imperative that the prospective student makes that call and/or first contact.


Our program is completely free of charge to the student and their family. We are funded only by the generous donations of partners, families and friends.

Our Mentor, Mac Gober, always said, “The first step to a changed life is to admit you need help and that you are willing to pursue that help.”  

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